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Project Description
BitSmoke is a peer-to-peer private file sharing application.

Project Details
BitSmoke is intended to facilitate sharing files between people who know each other, for example friends, family or co-workers.

In BitSmoke, files are shared to a Group. For example, a User could have a Group of family members with whom they share their holiday photos, and a Group of co-workers with whom they share documents for a meeting.

When a file is shared to a Group, pieces of the file are sent to all Users in the Group, so that if the User who originally shared the file is offline, the file will still be accessible by the Users who are online.

The use of BitSmoke to share illegal or copyrighted material is forbidden.

Project Information
BitSmoke is written in VB.NET

Project Homepage

John Munro created and is developing the BitSmoke project.
Andrew Webber created the cloud image used in the BitSmoke icon and logo.

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